COOLEST CAMPER EVER- Quick sale on the east coast in AIRLIE BEACH, Queensland for sale

COOLEST CAMPER EVER- Quick sale on the east coast
COOLEST CAMPER EVER- Quick sale on the east coast
COOLEST CAMPER EVER- Quick sale on the east coast
COOLEST CAMPER EVER- Quick sale on the east coast

AWESOME MITSUBISHI STARWAGON, I challenge you to find a cooler van than that one :) There is enough space for 2 people, if you're cheeky you might fit a third person in there. There is a lot of space underneith the bed, another large space in bewteen the front seats and the mattress, in short that van is comfy and very convenient.
It has been SOLD 3 years ago for almost 7,000 AUD from autobarns to travelers like us with all the certificates necessary.
Better than a rental? Yes it is because you don't have to hurry up to bring it back anywhere.
- FREE NRMA/RACQ Road Assistance services for another 18 months, so whatever happens to you anywhere in the country, you will be ASSISTED FOR FREE ( I already payed for that service more than 300AUD).
- Very reliable and safe car: all the filters and the alternator have been changed in march this year, as well as all the tyres.
- Spare battery + chargeur (you can charge it at home very quickly, convenient!)
- The REGO needs to be renewed (which explains the price of the van) THOUGH it is under an Unregistered Vehicle Permit which costs LESS MONEY than a registration, it is up to you.
-GPS included + POWER INVERTOR that allows you to charge anything in the car while driving (worth quite a lot of money!)
- 2 JERRICANS for petrol
- All toolds needed + swiss knife and more
- Car's papers and user guide
- COMFY BRAND NEW MATTRESS +bed sheets + pillows + 2 SLEEPING BAGS barely used (yeah it's really hot down here)
- Complete KITCHEN gear and appliances such as cutlery, pots, etc + portable gas STOVE and BRAND NEW GAS BOTTLE (you won't miss anything to cook nice meals on the road)
- Volley Ball + Frisbee
- 2x FISHING RODS + hooks + fish guide
- Beach towels
- Torch lamp
- Clothes compartments (that won't take any space underneith the bed as it is suspendable)
AND of course a few other little things that I'm sure will be helpful for the cool travelers ;)
NOW WHAT TO DO? Curious about it ? Just give me a call or a message and we'll arrange a meeting to get you to check it out and see if you road trip could be even cooler in that street art style campervan. I'll be driving up to cairns next week and am at the moment in airlie beach. So I can easily move anywhere in that part of the country to meet you.
Don't be shy :)